John Leigh Steps Down from the JLA and Makes Cheap Gestures

Today, John Leigh posted an entry to the blog he started (you may remember his retracted post where he basically said we simply don’t understand his humor) which can be read here: A small step forward | Blog Today Blog Tomorrow.

In his blog, he posted that he was stepping down from the JLA (Japan Lolita Association):
John Leigh resignation

While this is a step in the right direction, his wife, Denise Leigh remains in her position as a general manager and honorary kawaii ambassador (America) with the JLA. While she remains in that position, it is unlikely that John Leigh’s power within the JLA, nor his involvement with it, will at all be diminished.

He also posted a digital image of a certificate saying he had completed a sexual harassment class. It has a fancy border and some fancy sounding class names on it.


The certificate is for an online class which takes 2 hours and costs $45.  Here is what it covers:

Lesson Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

1 Sensitize supervisors about discriminatory harassment and their critical role.

2 Reinforce that supervisors are responsible for identifying and helping to prevent discriminatory harassment in the workplace.
3 Encourage workplace respect and courtesy. Supervisors must act as role-models which will improve productivity
4 Create a workplace environment where potential victims of discriminatory harassment can discuss their concerns without legal retaliation.

So basically he took an online 2 hour training on how to report and handle reports of sexual harassment in the work place, which was meant for new employees in a company.

While this sort of training is a great for new employees who (presumably) don’t have any problem with a history of sexual harassment, it’s not designed for cases like this where complaints have already been made.

The fact that is was a mere 2 hour course, and so cheap also adds to the impression that this is a very trivial thing to them, and that they are more interested in making it go away than in actually making changes.


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