How can I help?

There are many ways that you can get involved. The first and easiest way is to pledge that you will not support Anime Matsuri LLC by:

  • Not buying tickets to or attending the Anime Matsuri Convention
  • Not buying merchandise that they sell
  • Not buying tickets to or attending satellite events run by Anime Matsuri LLC

You can sign the Anime Matsuri Boycott here: – Boycott Anime Matsuri LLC

You can also spread the word about what they have done. Anime Matsuri Expose on Tumblr has many rebloggable posts about the events that have happened.

Alternatively, you can share one of the following images on social media (a share button for tumblr is under each image).

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Share the JLA petition on Tumblr:   post-am-petit Share on Tumblr

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