Back in July, we reported that multiple women had accused Anime Matsuri co-founder John Leigh of sexual harassment. The entire situation is a mess, and Leigh, frankly, seems like a giant creep. Well (and I didn’t know it was possible) it seems like things are even worse at Anime Matsuri than just having a creepo in charge. The Houston Press has put up a lengthy, in depth piece on the bizarre drama that surrounds the Houston anime con. You should really just read the article, but highlights include (besides the sexual harassment allegations) Anime Matsuri organizers promising free admission to another con (without consulting thatRead More →

It’s not uncommon in anime to see a lone girl standing bravely before a colorfully dressed, angry horde determined to get past her, but this was real life and Sarah Skrobarczyk, president of Delta H Con, had to make do with diplomacy given her lack of ninja skills or magical moon powers. “We’ll work with you,” she told the irate mob. “We can give you day passes at a discount.” Roughly 200 people had showed up on a busy Saturday at the registration table of Delta H Con 2012 expecting free admission. That’s what they were promised. They had just come from the Asian/Pacific AmericanRead More →

Multiple women have come forward online over the past month to accuse John Leigh, the event manager of the Anime Matsuri convention, of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual conduct.  Anime Matsuri, one of the ten largest anime conventions in America, is an annual celebration of Japanese pop culture, fashion and art. People travel from all over the world to attend since it began in 2007, but its image has recently been darkened by a string of blogs and online posts from women who claim Leigh’s behavior toward them is overtly sexual and unwanted, particularly from a married man and a father. The most prominent voiceRead More →

Today, John Leigh posted an entry to the blog he started (you may remember his retracted post where he basically said we simply don’t understand his humor) which can be read here: A small step forward | Blog Today Blog Tomorrow. In his blog, he posted that he was stepping down from the JLA (Japan Lolita Association): While this is a step in the right direction, his wife, Denise Leigh remains in her position as a general manager and honorary kawaii ambassador (America) with the JLA. While she remains in that position, it is unlikely that John Leigh’s power within the JLA, nor his involvementRead More →